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Viagra generic alternatives

Viagra is a drug which is taken by people suffering from erectile dysfunction, and it can be consumed at any age to enjoy sex. Generic name of Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate; this drug is also available under different brand names like Edegra, Penegra, Aphrodil, Erasmo, Zwagra, Supra, Silagra, Revatio, etc. This medication increases the blood flow in penis and keeps it erect for longer time. You can buy generic Viagra from both general medicine shops and online pharmacy, but the only thing you need is expert recommendation.
How it works
Generic Viagra is manufactured by a different process than other erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. The manufacturing process follows is a reverse mechanism of Sildenafil Citrate chemical chain. This distinct process of manufacturing generic Viagra makes it different from other ED drugs, and thus action of Viagra is more effective and faster compared to other. You can feel its action within 20 minutes after consumption, but for other generic ED it may take more than 30 minutes. The standard for manufacturing drugs like Viagra is set by the World Health Organization.
Generic Viagra is available in different strengths which starts from 25 mg, and then followed by 50 mg, 75 mg, and 100 mg. Among these 50 mg is the standard dose and it is sufficient for a proper erection. Professionals suggest taking lower doses when consuming for the first time because higher dose during the very first day may incur some health problems. If the lower dose does not work for you then doctor may suggest more powerful dose.
The main constituent of generic Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate. People suffering from ED cannot satisfy their partners, thus their confidence level gets lowered. This drug helps to retain the lost confidence level with enhanced sexual power.
Things to follow
Viagra is consumed before having sexual intercourse. Best time to consume this drug is 15 to 30 minutes before starting foreplay. For better result you can take it in empty stomach or after having limited fat diet, because fats tend to slow down the absorption of the drug. Generally the action of this drug remains for 4 to 5 hours after consumption, and then you can start your regular work. Most people prefer taking Viagra during night or during holidays.
Consumption of this drug makes your penis stronger and firm, so that you can enjoy having sex for a longer time. This drug is prescribed to people suffering for erection related diseases.
This drug is recommended to be taken only if prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. Always read the instructions thoroughly before consumption and consult your pharmacist or doctor if you have any doubts about dose.
Safety measures
Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, etc. causes side effects. Thus before consuming any PDE5 drug you should consult your house physician or pharmacist. In certain medical conditions like connective tissue thickening (fibrosis), blood cancer, renal diseases, liver diseases, persistent painful erection, eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases this drug should be avoided. Some medical experts also restrict this medicine to person who has family history of stroke or heart attacks.
Buying generic Viagra
While buying any sexual wellness product always choose a reputed company. For drugs like generic Viagra, online shopping is the best choice because some people feel shy or awkward to buy them from general shops.
Online reputed pharmacies are preferred because they sell genuine products and can guide you about dose; they can instruct you whether the medicine is suitable for you or not depending upon your medical history. They keep your record and in future if you have some medical problems their records may help the doctors for your treatment.
Generic Viagra is available across the world; generic medicines are cheaper compared to branded company. But sometimes duplicity of drugs also takes place. While buying these types of drugs form online or general shops, you should check whether the shop has FDA approval or not. Most of the online pharmacies deliver the medicines across different areas. You should not bother about delivery.
Benefits of buying generic Viagra online
Few benefits of ordering generic Viagra online are:

  • Enables you to compare price, dosage, manufacturer across various sites. As per your affordability and requirement you can make the order.
  • You get medicine delivery quickly without going to offline shops.
  • Transportation cost is saved.
  • Medicine information are easily available and you can also consult the pharmacist online if you have any problem.
  • Many people can get the service at same time.
  • You can order it from other countries also.
  • For large or bulk orders no extra charges has to be paid. You can get a free delivery.
  • Certification and license of the shop can be found online, thus chance of buying fake or duplicate drug is reduced.
  • With easy payment options you can use credit card or pay pal account or cash on delivery for payment.
  • Extra discounts are provided by various online shops, which helps people having low affordability to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Generic Viagra has good demand in market because it helps lot of person to enjoy sexual pleasure who suffers from erectile diseases. Generic Viagra is available in different online stores, thus the price also varies in different online pharmacies. But the cost of generic Viagra is not very high because most of the pharmacies nowadays do their operation online which lowers the cost of shop maintenance. With a single click or a phone call you can successfully put your order by sitting at your home or work place. All these facilities have made it easier for people to order this type of medicines.
Online medical shops are the best place to buy Viagra because you can compare between different drugs, their side effects, dosages, precautions, diet, etc. In every country like USA, Canada, India you can find respective generic online Viagra store through which you can place your order in seconds. Cost of each 100 mg Viagra pill in United States is $3.8 and in Canada price of one 100 mg pill is around $4.9.
While buying Viagra in any country you should always make verification about the shop. You must do query about its registration by local bodies or government and its FDA approval. Some countries also provide different kinds of license for online shops. There are several public groups in different social networks about generic Viagra, from here you can get any information you want. If you have any doubt about stores you can put them in online forums, because you cannot afford to lose money by ordering fake medicines. And most important thing is that these types of fake medicines can have a long term ill effect on your body.
The generic Viagra not only helps you with erectile dysfunction but it also helps you to improve relationship with your partner by satisfying her. So you become mentally fit and it reflects at your workplace or personal life. Generic Viagra is cheaper, but many people think that cheaper version of medicines does not work. This is not correct because of competition and online services price reduction takes place and some companies put up the price to compensate their marketing costs.
The best way to remain away from frauds is to remain away from stores which do not disclose any detail about their store or drugs which are being sold. Fraud can happen in any country be it US or Canada or some other, the most important thing is to keep yourself up-to-date with latest news and online stores. If you have any doubt regarding the quality of drug or its price you can complain at respective authorities. This will also help several other people to identify illegal stores.
The main risk associated with fake drug is addition of chemicals which can have a long term effect on your heath and sexual organs. Generic Viagra is very much susceptible to adulteration because many online stores are there which supply these drugs directly to you. Sometimes unconcerned people have to suffer its consequences.
Most of the people are either unaware of the adulteration or they do not know what parameters to be checked before buying or ordering. Awareness about fake drugs should be increased among people and they should also check the generic name before buying. These steps can prevent people suffering from erectile disorders from severe health problems. To prevent all these problems you should find a licensed and reputed online store.
Things to checking before buying
Buying any consumer product is an important task. And when it is about medicine you should remain extra careful because this can have serious effect on your health. Few things which should be checked before online generic Viagra ordering are given below:

  • Check whether the packaging is in good order or not. Leaky packets may lead to moisture accumulation and it affects the drug quality. Seal checking is also an important part.
  • While buying any kind of drug always check the manufacturing and best before date.
  • Always try to find a reputed, licensed and FDA approved certified store. Apart from FDA there are some other online pharmacy regulation bodies which look after the quality of medicine. So, certification of other national bodies are also important.
  • If a online or general medical store gives you generic Viagra without any prescription then the store is not genuine or they do not have any license from concerned authority.
  • A licensed store will always provide you with different instructions which should be followed before consuming the drug and they will not provide you Viagra if you have any problem with this type of drugs.
  • If Viagra is not suitable for you then you will be given an alternative medicine.
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